John Hawley

 John Hawley
Description: <img src="/images/Warthog9.jpg"> John "Warthog9" Hawley Red Hat, Senior Systems Engineer John "Warthog9" Hawley is a jack of all trades, programmer, sysadmin, crazy man and rabble rouser. Currently working for the Red Hat on assignment to OpenShift as their solver of all things storage. He has worked on in the past as the primary sysadmin, created PXE Knife a network & bootable cd of useful utilities, maintained a set of GeoIP based patches for the Bind name server, and probably more random things than he is going to remember. John has exciting commentary on BitTorrent as a distribution mechanism, has been known to disagree strongly with the views of billionaires and cook extravagant meals then subject his friends to “bad” or b-rate movies (some of which even grace the event with clarinet music).
Twitter: warty9
Last time seen: 5 years 4 months ago
Member since: Feb 3, 2014

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